How Salesforce could improve Employee Experience
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How Salesforce could improve Employee Experience?

The Cloudideas team playing fussball Employee experience encloses what employees think and feel starting from job search to resignation. In this digital era, the customers expect seamless experience and if this isn’t offered they…
Salesforce productivity tools
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7 Salesforce Project Management Features and Applications you should use

Project Management is getting more and more complicated. Complexity is always the enemy of execution and an individual’s productivity is closely related with the complexity of tasks at hand.  What comes to your mind when we say “Productivity…
Social Media Listening vs Monitoring
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Social Media Listening with Salesforce Social Studio

Gone are the days where you could broadcast a message in Social Media and call it Marketing. Now Customer is the King and Social Media Listening is vital for every business.  SproutSocial’s research reveals:  “83% of consumers…
Customer 360 DesignSalesforce
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Complete Guide to Salesforce Customer 360

Customer is the King Customer is the Hero of your story There is only one Boss, the Customer. We come across these quotes frequently. Ever wondered Why?  We all live in a Customer-centric era. Today the customers expect data-driven,…
Lead enrichment: the collection and analysis of a potential client’s data to figure out how to better improve your sales process.
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Leveraging Pardot in B2B Lead Enrichment

In this article, you will learn the critical role that lead enrichment plays in B2B sales as well as how you can automate lead enrichment using Salesforce Pardot. What you will learn about: B2B Lead Enrichment Importance of Lead Enrichment Types…
smart marketers are using marketing automation. Are you?
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How Marketing Automation is transforming B2B Lead Generation?

Do you think Automation and Robots are stealing jobs ?  According to research by Adobe Digital Insights, the answer is No.  “Contrary to popular belief, most people are talking about how robots are helping them do their work,…
salesforce einstein
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How Salesforce Einstein (AI) can help you personalize communications?

Personalization is like a boomerang; What goes around ...comes around.  There is only a fine line between sending a creepy message and sending a hyper-personalized message.The chances are quite high that your personalization efforts…
sales funnel

How to Build a B2B Sales Funnel using Salesforce ? – Definitive Guide

Deals are not closed overnight, it is a journey of a thousand miles. Sales professionals take one step at a time to close deals.  Wondering what those steps are? Unless you were living in a cave for years, you would have heard the…
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5 Ways a CRM Will Improve Customer Experience in High-Tech B2B

Customers might forget your Brand’s nameCustomers might forget your Content and AdsBut Customers will never forget How you made them Feel. In this digital era, B2B customers are well-informed and socially connected. Their expectations are…
what should tech companies do to attract women infographic

Women in Tech: the current status and what can companies do?

It’s not very often you come across a women leaders who have a tech background. Ever wondered why is that so? Back in 2017, only 5% of CEOs of major companies in the US were women. But there is a window for hope. Since 2015, the number of…